Being able to maximize your commercial space is vital and there are several things you can do to leverage the most from your building.

First and foremost, evaluate if a new build or a renovation is most appropriate for your business. Are you in need of an overall larger space than you currently have? Do you wish to rework and modernize your current space to better fit your needs? If you are unsure about which construction solution is right for you, our team here at Campbell can conduct a building-needs analysis to help determine which option is best for you.

Next, try to assess the space you have available considering your short-term and long-term needs. Which portions of your space are accessible to members of the public or customers? Are certain areas designated for daily use, compared to sporadic use? Ask yourself what your “needs” are compared to your “wants” in order to adequately prioritize your commercial space.

Finally, establish realistic deadlines and a budget for your commercial construction project. Do you have a date in mind for completion? Do you have a multi-phase design and construction plan? Be sure to discuss with your contractor all details related to the project’s timeline and cost of deliverables. Successful completion of your project is dependent on open communication between all stakeholders—from start to finish.

A commercial construction project can be complex, but remember to utilize the knowledge of your commercial contractor to help bring your vision to reality!