Gearing up for your next big construction project can be a daunting task and may seem overwhelming. But it’s important to prepare yourself and have questions for your design-builder ready when it comes time to begin with your design-build project.

Here are a few ways to be prepared as you begin down the construction path.

Clearly outline your project scope, budget, and required specifications. Since you are the project owner, you are the only one who truly knows what you want and need from your new facility or addition. Make a detailed list. And remember, no detail is too small. If you have a style of glass or door type in mind, write that down for meetings with your design-build contractor.

Visit our website and look at our past projects to see if there are design ideas you would like incorporated into your project. Look at other buildings you find attractive and take pictures so they can be reviewed at the design meeting.

Meet with your internal team and ask for their wishes, desires and thoughts on what they feel is important with the project and how it will affect their job.

Speak with your financial institution early on in the process so they are kept in the loop and aware of schedule, required appraisals, and any other needed documentation.

Just remember we are here to assist you through every phase of the design and construction process. Our team of talented designers and constructors look forward to working with you on your next project.