For many companies, the quality of their industrial building says a lot about their ability to be successful in a competitive marketplace. After all, your building directly affects things like worker safety and satisfaction, and even manufacturing quality.

How can you be certain that your company is in need of a new industrial building? The following signs are clear indicators that you’re ready to enlist the help of a construction services team:

Deterioration: Industrial facilities are often subjected to tough tasks like manufacturing or working with chemicals. Over time, these and other environmental factors can lead to significant deterioration within the facility. While facilities maintenance teams can offset issues with roofing and other areas, over time, extensive problems with the foundation, ceiling, and more can result in severe safety and quality control setbacks. In such situations, new construction may be the best solution.

Expansion: Every company wishes to expand, but with expansion comes the possibility of outgrowing your current location. As such, a new industrial building (or an addition to your current facility) is a necessary part of meeting the increasing demands on your business.

Obsolescence: Manufacturing standards and equipment continue to change, which puts many older facilities at risk of becoming obsolete. For example, an old building’s ceilings might not be high enough to house new equipment and materials. You don’t want to fall behind by staying in an outdated facility. A new industrial building is your best bet for keeping up with the competition.