When construction services are streamlined, everyone benefits: This is the advantage of Design-Build Construction (or Design/Build, abbreviated D-B, D/B). When one contractor does both the design and the construction for a project, the result is improved quality that saves time and money while simultaneously improving risk management through single-party responsibility. This approach is both our passion and our area of expertise as commercial and industrial general contractors.

The practice of Design-Build construction is also referred to as the time-tested “master builder” approach, which has been commonplace for centuries around the world but is not as commonly seen in the United States, according to the Dictionary of Construction. This is in contrast to the design-bid-build model that only been around for the last 150 years or so but tends to be more typically used.

At Campbell Construction, our design department has an on-staff architect, civil/structural engineer and design technicians ready to plan the project to fit your needs, whether your project involves an industrial building, commercial building or institutional building. When you choose us to be your general contractor for a design-build project, we will be the single contractor responsible for the project so communication is simplified and the delivery scheduled in shortened. Our years of experience have taught us that our industrial and commercial clients prefer using a Design-Build approach, which is why they return to us for quality construction. Contact us today to start planning your Design-Build construction project.