Our philosophy is to operate with integrity in every aspect of our business. Maintaining trust with our customers, subcontractors, suppliers and employees requires a commitment to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by communicating clearly with our customers so they know what to expect during the construction process, or design-build process if that’s the model they’ve chosen.

The very first thing that our customers can expect is a safe work site. Protecting people and the environment is always at the front of our minds, so safety will always be a top priority.

You can also expect us to communicate clearly about work schedules, including changes and inactivity that can result from a wide range of things such as weather, permitting and availability of materials and equipment.

At different stages of the project, there will inevitably be noise, vibration and dust. Your community is our community too, so we work hard to respect the community and build good relationships, even through the “messier” phases. Equipment storage on site is also something to expect during construction. Depending on the project, what is needed and when can vary.

With Campbell Construction, you can also always expect high-quality work with exceptional operational leadership.