We often think of “industrial strength” as being extra tough or extra effective. This is because when we think of industry, we think of a sector that is often required to do difficult tasks frequently and consistently. So when you think of what would be considered industrial construction, think of places such as factories or power plants. Industrial construction is a very specialized market of the construction industry. It’s one that requires very extensive, specialized training for everyone involved in the project to do their jobs safely and effectively to deliver high quality results. For projects such as larger power plants and factories, the proper permitting and paperwork for sewer/water, fire, and safety regulations need to be handled before work begins. A team of skilled architects and engineers is necessary for an industrial construction project to be successful, as well.

Thanks to our talented and experienced staff, we can self-perform site work such as concrete, masonry, carpentry, siding, roofing, steel erection, and utility installation on our industrial construction projects. Some recent industrial construction projects we’ve completed in Northeast Ohio include Yost Foods in Brunswick, Akron Polymer Systems in Akron, American Augers in West Salem and Ball Corporation in Canton.