At Campbell Construction, we have an extensive history of successfully completing industrial projects for customers in a variety of fields such as automotive, food processing, and manufacturing. Industrial buildings have a unique set of challenges not present in other construction projects. Typically, industrial buildings house massive amounts of equipment, demand a high level of expertise and require specialized design. While each industrial building project is different, there are a few similarities that we have identified for all industrial builds.

Each stage of a construction project must comply with complex building codes and both the builder and owner must understand and adhere to these regulations. Several aspects of your facility will be dictated by local, state, or federal regulations, and these regulations will vary based on the specific use of your building. Regulations exist to establish safety and we will work with you to ensure that your building is safe and accessible to all.

For instance, in the design phase your architect will need to carefully address job safety planning before work can begin. Even site selection includes addressing land usage and environmental issues. And with several layers of regulation to maneuver through, industrial construction requires expertise to navigate it effectively and efficiently.

As we have discussed in previous posts, the design-build construction method helps streamline your project in a cost-effective way. Many of the mistakes made during an industrial construction project could have been avoided with our comprehensive approach, and it is never too late to take advantage of our big-picture perspective and detailed execution.

All building projects require time and effort. But industrial construction requires a trusted and experienced builder. We specialize in complex and large builds, and we invite you to experience the Campbell difference.